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Strong Tower's Process

Personalized Financial Planning 



Tell us about what matters most to you?  Is it your family, loved ones, business, or financial future?  Do you have a project or idea you'd love to bring to life?  What are your goals?  Maybe it's retirement or living life on your terms.  This step is about understanding you and your plans to see how we can help.  Book a no-cost initial consultation today to learn more about how we can help you, your family, and your business thrive toward financial success.

Financial Evaluation

This step will dive into your current financial situation to baseline where you are vs. where you want to go.  We thoroughly evaluate your essential and aspirational goals, considering all financials, life, and healthcare needs.  To get the best accuracy in our projections, we start with an inventory of your assets, liabilities, budget, life insurance policies, tax statements, and investment strategies.  Our process utilizes gap analysis to diagnose specific dislocations and weaknesses in your plan, providing opportunities for improvements through a trade-off evaluation that compares various what-if scenarios and their results to your overall probability of success.  Furthering this process with a risk assessment regarding your unique situation allows us to create a solution tailored just for you.

Financial Plan & Recommendations

After understanding your financial situation and goals, we build and present a custom roadmap detailing how to make your economic vision a reality.  Our services are customized to meet each client's needs, and we only tackle what's important to you.  We work hand-in-hand throughout the entire process and provide a measurable outlook with actionable steps to achieve what's most important in your life.   This step works congruently with the previous step to ensure you are well set for the future.  Recommendations typically involve modifications to goals, lifestyle, savings, custom-built asset allocation investment strategies, and life & health insurance solutions.  Contact us to find out how we can help today.

Financial Solutions

A plan is worthless without action to back it.  We put the necessary steps to make your dreams a reality in the implementation phase.  We provide clients with a wide range of diversified portfolios, comprehensive wealth strategies, and solutions to help them achieve their goals.  Additionally,  we coordinate life insurance policies in your plan to complement your investment strategies to protect your financials, loved ones, and business partners from tragedies.  Knowledge can be power, but what you do with that knowledge is what ultimately empowers your future.

Monitor and Review

Our process doesn't set it and forget it.  We stay involved throughout the life of your investment journey.  We continually rebalance and readjust your investments according to your objectives, risk tolerance, tax implications, and other critical financial needs initially and as time progresses.  We provide an annual review to ensure we are on track according to your goals, risk tolerance, market conditions, expectations, and life changes.  As your life evolves, we help ensure your plan and investments do too.  Our clients are our priority, and our service excellence proves our commitment to their success.  To find out more, get in touch.

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Building and Protecting Your Wealth for Today and Tomorrow.

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